The world is full of promises of great customer service.

While we strive to offer the best available services, the reality is that our customers have many options, with many of them promising great customer service.

But what does that promise mean to you, the customer?

At Avionn, we know from personal experience the anxiety and worry that comes with having elderly or disabled family members who want to remain independent. Our commitment to empower families – the caregivers, the concerned family members, and the elderly and disabled care recipients – serves as the foundation of our customer service pledge to you.


Our Pledge To You:

  • Commitment – to you and your loved ones.
  • Confidentiality – protecting your privacy.
  • Consistency - in the caregivers we provide.
  • Quality – in every aspect of care.
  • Scrutinyin determining the character and the compassion of our providers.
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